Ocean Adventures Bonaire, a german diveoperator with special flair. We try hardly, to fullfil all wishes and needs of our divers - from beginner to professionel. we offer:

Ocean Adventures nitrox_tanks Ocean Adventures dive_tanks rebreather rebreather_rudi
fgt5400basic_unit dba6000ladies_version dba6000classic_predator dblar5000

  • 12 L and 10 L Aluminium tanks with Combi valve DIN and INT !
  • Non Limit diving Nitrox or air for open circuit!

  • Rebreather and technical diving (SCR und CCR )
  • 2 L steel tanks for diluent gas and O2 for CCR Rebreathers
  • 2 L CFK tanks for diluent gas and O2 for CCR Rebreathers
  • 4 L and 5 L mixed gas tanks for SCR FGT5400 Dräger
  • 1,5 L stainless steel tanks AMAG one LAR tank for CCR and CCR/SCR combi unit

  • Dräger FGT5400 SCR rebreather
  • DBA6000 mCCR kiss style rebreather
  • DBLAR5000 CCR O2 rebreather
  • DBLAR7000 combi CCR / SCR combi rebreather

  • Dive education from beginner to pro
  • Independent shore diving
  • Guided shore dives
  • Guided wildeside dives

  • Comfortable apartments in our Casa Bonito
  • Rental pickup truck, double cab airco power steering
  • Broadband internet access free of charge

A divers dream becomes true!

Diving with a Rebreather you will enjoy a unique diving event!
Noiseless like a fish under fish, you experience the underwater world from it's most beautiful side.
Scarcely any sound disturbs you during watching shy marine life.

The advantages of rebreather diving:

  • Bubblefree and noiseless diving in a fascinating underwater world
  • Longer dive times
  • reduced cool out, your breathing gas has blood heat
  • reduced dry run, your breathing gas is moistly

With us you can get:
  • Trial diving with Dräger FGT5400 SCR
  • Trial diving with DBA6000 mCCR kiss style
  • Rebreather instruction and certification
  • DIRrebreather Philosophie und Logistik
  • Guided dives with Dräger systems (SCR and mCCR)
  • "Ladies version" rebreather configuration with ultra light carbon tanks
  • Mixed gas for SCR rebreather
  • Oxygen and diluent gas as nitrox, air or trimix for CCR rebreather
  • Dive Sorb and Sofnolime
  • Tank rental
  • rental of Tec gear like HALCYON backplates and wings
  • rental of V4Tec Adapter

Rebreather diving on Bonaire only with Ocean Adventures NV, the authorized DRÄGER-Rebreather dive center.
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Bonaire: +599-717-2278