Bonaire is a self-governed part of The Netherlands, a municipality with special status within the Dutch Kingdom
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Since October 10th 2010 the state of "Netherlands Antilles" is not existing anymore. Curacao and Sint Maarten are now independent staates within the Dutch Kingdom.

Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustasius (BES Islands) are a municipality of The Netherlands with special status within the Dutch Kingdom - that mean, Bonaire as a province of Holland is now on the way to European Union (EU).

This open excellent investment oportunities as:

  • Tourism and diving industrie
  • Export companies
  • IT companies
  • Callcenter services

The advantage of Bonaire BES is:
  • Political and law stability
  • Safety of your investment and property
  • Excellente infrastructur of EU level
  • Excellent trafic infrastructure air and sea
  • 365 sunny days

Here you find the official government information about the new status of Bonaire BES: New status Bonaire BES

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