Exceptional Dive Opportunities

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The most beautiful diver's paradise of the world - Bonaire the "seventh heaven" for divers!
The underwater world of Bonaire is beautiful. You have always crystal clear water with a visibility up to 30 meters. The variety of corals and exotic marine life is, for all divers of the world, an international well known diving point.

The whole diving area around Bonaire belongs to the "Bonaire Marine Park". This Marine Park was established in 1979 to protect and to maintain fauna and flora. Only on Bonaire is it possible to dive at any day or night time directly from the shore in to the beautiful underwater world and to enjoy the warm, calm and clear water. REAL NON LIMIT DIVING

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The numerous dive spots on the leeward side of the island are easily reachable with a rental car for dives out of any group arrangements. Yellow stones, painted with names, mark the dive spots, and after a few meters you reach the reef drop. You can decide between wreck dives, islands under water, double reefs or drop offs. The dive spots around Little Bonaire can be visited several times a day by boat.

Warning: Most of the divers become "Bonaire addicts".

Enjoy the marine life, the variety of corals and help that Bonaire will continue to be a "Diver's Paradise". It is not permitted to wear gloves during diving and to export any corals even not from the beach.

Many dive spots are good for snorkeling, and all other water sports like sailing surfing and deep sea fishing can be organized.

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