Southern caribbean, "leeward islands" appr. 56 miles north of Venezuela.
Size: 111 sq.mi
Lenght: 22 miles
Width: Between 2.5 und 6.5 miles
Population: 15 400
Capital: Kralendijk

Constitutuional parliamentary-democraty monarchy. Constitution of 1954. Bonaire was a part of the Netherlands Antillies till 10.October 2010. The Netherlands Antilles are not existing anymore, Bonaire is together with St.Eustatius and Saba a municipality of The Netherlands with special status within the Dutch Kingdom.

Language: Official language is Dutch. Papiamentu is a native language, a mix of Spanisch, Portuguese, Dutch and English.

Electricity: 127V, 50Hz and 220V, 50Hz

Power generation: The largest wind-diesel power plant worldwide provide Bonaire with ecologically friendly energy. MAN Diesel and Turbo generators are installed as a back-up if the wind power station is switched off.

Drinking water: excellent quality, you can drink the tap water without any problem. purified water from desalination plant. It is NOT necessary to buy drinking water in plastic bottles - save the environment.

Climate: Tropical, sun and constant trade winds, average air temperature 28° celsius.

Entry: For EU and US citizens, proof af identity.

Exit: No departure tax

Tourist Tax: Per person per night there is US $ 5,45 for Tourist Tax (Room Tax) to pay.

Marinepark fee: All divers must pay a fee of US $ 25,00 valid 1 year.

Restaurants: A wide selection of restaurants.

Supermarkets: You will find a large selection of products from Europe, USA, Canada and latin America. On Sonnday and public holidays Supermarkets are open at noon, a good service for all self catering tourists.

Currency: Since 1.1.2011 is the US Dollar only te legal currency on Bonaire Caribish Nederlande.

Health: The hospital and the CMC (Clinica Medical Center) are just few steps away from Cultimara supermarket.

Bonaire: +599-717-2278